3 Applications Where Use Of Hydro Mulching Makes Sense

12 November 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Hydro mulching is a clever planting process that offers a barrage of advantages. Some of the perks of using hydro mulching include shorter plant times, labor cost savings and better germination prospects for your vegetation/plants. If you are having problems getting your seeds to take root, perhaps hydro mulching is the solution for your problems. Below, find out the different applications that hydro mulching is suited for and see if your needs fall in either one of these categories.

Large tracts of land

Planting over large tracts of land is not easy. The process can be very costly, not to mention it can also take a very long time to complete. With hydro mulching, you can have your seeds planted within hours, thanks to the high pressure application used in this technology. Besides that, there are trucks and trailers available to hold any amount of slurry you need so capacity is not a problem whatsoever. All this translates to quick planting, fewer logistics and saved labor costs.

In addition to this, with hydro mulching you can be sure that every inch of your property has been covered thanks to the slurry dye. This makes hydro mulching ideal for area such as large idle lands, large private fields, parks, forests, road reserves, and farms.

Sloppy or poor terrain locations

Planting locations featuring steep slopes or rough terrains (e.g. rocks and cliffs) can be hard to work on when planting. Such locations present two major challenges: erosion and safety for the labor force. Both of these challenges can easily be avoided by simply using hydro mulching planting technology. The binder used in making hydromulching slurry lets the seeds stick to the applied surface thus preventing erosion. As for dangerous working locations, the slurry can be administered at a distance by using pressurized tanks and hoses thus avoiding any work accidents

Areas with poor germination prospects

Hydro mulching is also great for areas where germination itself is challenging due to the environment. This includes infertile soil, poor soil types and arid conditions. With hydro mulching, seeds have better chances of survival due to the fertilizer, mulch and water provided in the slurry. These ingredients guarantee seed germination in the short term while reducing any maintenance needed within that duration. Once the seeds germinate, your crops will have a better chance of finding water while important nutrients will be supplied by the fertilizer still present on the ground. You may also choose to boost germination prospects through irrigation at this point.

With hydro mulching, you never have to plan for a second planting as the first one always works. Talk to an experienced hydro mulching contractor and find out how this technology can solve your seed application challenges.