Important Questions to Ask About a Cheap Skip Bin Hire

12 November 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Cheap skip bins can be the perfect choice for when you're ready to clean out your house or plan a home improvement and renovation project. They can also be used in many cases for when you're clearing out brush or doing other work around the yard. Since a cheap skip bin hire isn't as easy as many homeowners assume and may involve more than just paying for a bin and waiting for it to arrive, you might note some questions to ask your rental agency.

1. Ask how much the permit costs

A rental agency will usually know the cost of permits you need for a skip bin and may be able to get these in place for you. By asking their cost, you can not only work this into your budget for a skip bin but can also know if they will be able to assist you with the paperwork. This will make the process easier on you overall.

2. Note if there are bonded materials you can put in the skip bin

Bonded materials would be materials like asbestos, which are removed by a professional and properly contained so that they don't become airborne or a hazard. If you know your home renovation project will involve removing these types of materials, ask if you need a special skip bin. Many rental agencies will allow bonded materials to be put in the bins or may have special bins they rent out just for such use. These may be thicker and have a more secure covering, and they may also require special handling once they're picked up.

Along with bonded materials, ask about special waste types. These are usually items that may incur an additional fee for disposal, such as mattresses, tires, longer tree limbs, heavier loads of brick, and so on. It's always good to ask about these so you know any fees or charges you might face.

3. Always ask about lead times for skip bins

Never assume you can simply call up a skip bin rental agency the night before a project and have it delivered. Some companies may need weeks of lead time to reserve the bin you want, especially during certain seasons. For example, home improvement projects may be very popular during spring and summer, so bin rentals are harder to get during this time. When college students move out of a dorm and back home, they may get skip bins to toss out all their items, so these weeks during summer can be very busy as well. Note lead times so you're sure to get the bin you need.

For more information, contact a local skip bin company.