How to Pass an Environmental Review

13 November 2015
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You may be anxious about the outcome of the upcoming environmental impact review of your mining company. You may also be wondering about how you can pass future reviews effortlessly. If this describes you, read on and discover what you can do to pass any environmental impact review.

Keep Updating Your Awareness of Environmental Regulations

It may seem obvious, but many mining companies are not aware of the environmental regulations that they are expected to comply with. This may be because they fail to monitor all the changes to the applicable laws once the company has got a licence to start operating. You can avoid this problem by developing good working relationships with the agencies charged with formulating and enforcing environmental laws. For instance, you can ask officials from those agencies to visit your areas of operation regularly so that they can give you feedback on how well you are complying with existing laws. Such proactive measures will prepare you for the formal review. Another way to keep abreast of the evolving regulations is to hire an ecological consultant, who will keep you informed about the new laws that affect your operations.

Make Environmental Sustainability an Important Aspect of Your Operations

Some mining companies think about environmental concerns as an afterthought. For instance, they may choose mining equipment based on how affordable that equipment is. It is only after an environmental review is scheduled that they realise the equipment they purchased has adverse effects on the environment (such as leaking copious amounts of lubricants). It will be very difficult for such a company to pass an environmental review. Avoid suffering the same fate. Put sustainability at the centre of all your decisions and activities. This will make it very easy for each aspect of your operations to comply with current environmental regulations. For instance, you will purchase mining equipment that is credited for having a minimal effect on the environment.

Acquire the Best Software

Technology has advanced to such an extent that you can get hold of software that gives you real time feedback about the compliance level of your mining operations. For instance, you can install monitoring systems that measure the level of carbon dioxide within the mining shafts. Such software will alert you when carbon dioxide levels reach levels that are not permitted in areas where workers spend several hours. This feedback will enable you to take corrective measures immediately. Consequently, the environmental review will find no breach of the existing regulations.

There is a lot that you have to be conscious about if you wish to comply with all environmental regulations. It may therefore be very hard for you to keep up if you do not have expert help. That is why it is advisable for you to hire an ecological consulting firm to oversee matters of environmental sustainability in your mining operations. This will remove any worries you may have about the environmental reviews of your company.