Advice on how to adequately prepare for a hearing test

16 November 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Whether you are having some hearing problems and your doctor tells you to get a hearing test or you need to complete one as part of your job, there are a few ways that you can adequately prepare for it.

While the tests are pass or fail, there are certain margins of error that are allowed when it comes to hearing tests. While you don't want to try and cheat the system, you need to ensure that no external factors are affecting your capacity to accurately complete the test. You don't want to fail a test due to something that is preventable.

Here are some tips that you can use when preparing for audiometric testing to ensure that you receive accurate results.

Protect your ears beforehand

Leading up to the test, you should avoid cleaning the inside your years or doing anything else that may affect the hearing potential of your ears. Using cotton buds or water to clean out your ears will disturb and affect your hearing for an extended time period.

By digging into your ears, you may push wax deeper into the ear, affecting your hearing, while water can become stuck in the ear canal, which will dilute and distort sound waves coming in. The hearing test administrator will examine your ears before the test and will tell you if your ears need to be cleaned.

You should also remove any jewellery you have on your ears during the test, even if it is not a requirement. You will be more comfortable without them.


You don't want to be worked up and nervous before doing any type of test, let alone a hearing test. If you are particularly nervous beforehand, you should ask to step out for a minute before doing the test.

When your mind is distracted, you will be more likely to miss test beep and also imagine that you have heard beeps. You should calm yourself down by taking a few deep, centering breaths that will help to slow your heart rate. Never be rushing to sit a test. When you are flustered and rushing, you won't be able to concentrate very well, resulting in poor test results.

If you feel that you will be in too much of a time rush, you should cancel the appointment and rearrange it for a more convenient time. While the test administrator is setting up the testing equipment, you should take some more deep breaths and stay in a positive mind state.